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What We Do?

PT Communication Cable Systems Indonesia (CCSI) is the leader in optical fiber cable manufacturer in Indonesia. CCSI is well known in the market as  the producer of premium, high quality fiber optic cables.  CCSI has the capability to produce wide range of indoor and outdoor cables. Presently CCSI is the only cabler manufacturer in Indonesia that is capable of producing submarine cables. Each cable is designed for a different applications and condition. The fibers are guarantee to be stress free and without strain effects during production, storage and installation. This is to assure a long cable lifetime and an optimum data-carrying capacities. CCSI factory has annual production capacity of 1,000,000 fiber Km. The factory is located at Krakatau Industrial Estate in Cilegon, Banten; whereas, the Sales & Marketing Office is located in Jakarta.

Besides fiber optic cables, CCSI also  offers a tip-to-tip optical cable accessories. The company also produces HDPE subducts and Microducts. As a part of its diversification strategy, starting in 2014, the company also produces HDPE pipes and Reinforced Thermoplastic Pipes (RTP) for  oil & gas industry.


PT. Communication Cable Systems Indonesia (CCSI) started its operation in October 1996. The company was formerly known as PT. Siemens Kabel Optik because it was established as a joint-venture company with Siemens AG (Germany). Later on the company was acquired by Corning Inc (USA) before further taken over by CCS International. CCSI has a long partnership with Corning, the largest optical fiber supplier in the world, which continues to supply optical fiber, raw material for CSSI factory. CCSI has in house capability to develop and re-engineer fiber optic cables to suit to multiple customers requirement. As a pioneer in the region for submarine fiber optic cables, CCSI has supplied Repeaters-less submarine optical cables for state-own and private companies not only in the telecommunication sector but also in oil & gas industry. Following recent development in other countries, CCSI expanded its product lines to include  Microduct and Microcabling technology. One of CCSI unique innovation is to re-engineer and and manufacture micro cables, that is designed so it can be pulled as regular duct cables, rather than pushed with air-blowing compressor in standard method.

To support the government’s initiative to push the use of gas as energy source,  in 2014 CCSI launched its new product–reinforced thermoplastic pipe, branded as FAST Pipe, for transmission and distribution of natural gas or oil. With spool length of 300 meters – 500 meters and equipped with flanges,  FAST pipes can be put ready for service much faster than regular steel pipes. FAST pipes are also corrosive free, which drastically reduce cost of maintenance and hence total cost of ownership (TCO) for the users.

Leading manufacturer of premium quality products
Because of its high performance and high quality products,  PT. CCSI has been selected as a preferred vendor of fiber optic cables by numerous companies in internet and telecommunication and oil & gas industry as well as by power utility and railway transport authority.